Affidavits abolished for 51 services by various deptts

golden yug
[ October 07, 2017 ] Sanction is hereby accorded to the abolition of affidavits in respect of fifty one (51) services, forming annexure to this order, which are not required to be submitted while seeking/accessing these services from the concerned Government Departments/ Organizations. It is further ordered that the concerned Administrative Departments shall process amendments in the relevant Acts/Rules as may be required for abolition of affidavits for providing these services. Affidavits/undertaking of promoters for registration of Cooperative Societies. Affidavit in issuing NDCs of retiring officers/officials can be substituted with an undertaking along with a photograph and two guarantors, Affidavits in support of testimonials produced by students at the time of submitting admission/examination forms. Affidavits produced by students in support of the documents while migrating from one college/course to another. Affidavit for genuineness of resident/category/caste certificates. Affidavit in case of provisional admission. Affidavit for drawal of advance G.P. Fund/Final Payment of G.P. Fund.Affidavit in support of the averments of a complaint.Affidavit in support of application for issuance of duplicate marks sheets/diploma /degree certificates. Affidavit in support of application for rectification of name, date of birth, etc. Affidavit for/in support of category certificates. Affidavit for fresh registration of vehicle. Affidavit for endorsement of hypothecation of vehicle. Affidavit for cancellation of hypothecation of vehicle. Affidavit for replacement of vehicle. Affidavit for depositing route permit.Affidavit for issuance of route permits.Affidavit for cancellation of Registration Certificate of vehicle.Affidavit for issuance of Letter of Authority for purchase of vehicle.Affidavit for certificate of residence.Affidavit for registrations of births and deaths.Affidavit for rectification/amendments in Death and Birth Certificates.Affidavit for preparation of Ward Certificates. Affidavit required for provisions for sanitary arrangements in Commercial Estates in building permissions. Affidavit for parking permission in commercial buildings.Affidavit for self-removal of un-authorized constructions.Affidavit for NOC for non-residential certificates within the town.Affidavit for entrance examinations.Affidavit in support of applications.Affidavit for admission to institutions. Affidavit for Registration of NGOs.Affidavit for grant of provisional admission in the 11th and 12th standards to students who migrate from other Boards to BOSE,eligibility.Affidavit for improvement of division in Class 12th.Affidavit for duplicate Inter-State Migration Certificate.Affidavit required from candidates appearing in any examination after having left a certain session in between.Affidavit regarding inter-province/inter-district transfers.Affidavit for pursuing higher studies/research work by in-service teachers/lecturers. Affidavit regarding reimbursement of medical claims.Affidavit obtained from unemployed engineers who apply for registration of self-help group.Affidavit obtained from a person/persons who approach for registration of self-help group(s).Affidavit from educated unemployed youths for establishment of dairy/poultry/sheep/fisheries units under Self Employment Scheme(s).Affidavit regarding proprietorship of the land/factory / establishment while registering a factory.Affidavit for NOC from Employment Department at the time of joining Government services.Affidavit for grant of non-refundable advance for purchase/construction of house.Affidavit for voluntary registration under J&K Provident Fund Act/Scheme, 1961.Affidavit stating settlement of P.F. dues in case the employer fails to provide details of P.F. deduction in form 19-A. Affidavit required for availing benefits under PMAY/IAY, Swach Bharat Mission,Contractual appointments,NRLM/SRLM,Affidavits from donors of land (Panchayat Ghars, Community Halls, Roads).Car/Scooter Advance at the time of superannuation.Affidavit for obtaining reserved category certificate. Affidavit for obtaining dependent certificate.Affidavit for obtaining income certificate, Fard Intikhabs, extract of Girdwari, extract of Jamabandi, attestation of Mutation, Inheritance Mutation, copy of Mutation, demarcation of land, Tatima Shaira.