JEA slams protest in Information Department pending enquiry

golden yug
[ October 13, 2017 ] Jammu: Supporting the Information Minister Ch. Zulfikar Over punitive attachment of JD Srinagar, the Jammu Editor"s Association today strongly condemned the strike by employees of Information Department, Jammu against the Minister. Here it is worthwhile to mention that Information Minister transferred JD Srinagar over many charges of irregularities. The minister was informed of the same by Srinagar Editors, who in turn took swift action against the JD Srinagar and attached the alleged accused. However, under pressure from some senior officials, employees of Information Department Jammu chose to go on strike against their own minister. The seniors in Jammu Information Department fearing same action, since they also have numerous complaints over corruption and irregularities pending against them. Therefore, in order to put pressure on Hon"ble Minister, they pushed their stooges in the department to raise slogans and go on strike in the department. The officials and junior staff are not undertaking their duties since 10/10/17 when the action was taken against the accused. Such is a nexus of some senior officials that a number of them are enjoying births in the department over 15-20 years. Some have such a hold that they are in the same department despite transferred three times. Many have corruption complaints against them. Under fear of action by the Minister, these seniors are asking junior staff to go on strike. However, the Jammu Editor"s Association strongly supported the action taken by Hon"ble Minister against the corrupt accused. It demanded similar action against corrupt officials in Information Department Jammu.