Tour programmes of WIPs/VIPs

golden yug
[ October 14, 2017 ] Instructions regarding prior intimation to the concerned District Administration about the tour programme(s) of WIPs/VIPs to the State/District(s). It has been reported that during the visits/tours of WIPs/VIPs to any District of the State, the District Administration is invariably not intimated in advance. In many instances, the District Administration does not receive any information at all. Even if the tour programme is shared with the concerned Deputy Commissioner(s), it is received at the eleventh hour which serve no purpose. The avoidable chaos and coordination lapses that ensue, consequently, make it extremely difficult to address the vital security and protocol issues. Such situations have often ended up in causing embarrassment not only to the District Administration(s) but to the Government, as well. It is, therefore, impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries, the Director General of Police, both the Divisional Commissioners and Heads of Departments to share the detailed tour programmes of WIPs/VIPs, visiting any part of the State, with the concerned Deputy Commissioner(s) in advance so that the arrangements, regarding security and protocol, are taken care of properly and timely. The concerned Deputy Commissioner(s) shall be deemed to have been appointed as Nodal Officer(s) in the District(s) being toured in order to prevent any untoward crisis in respect of law & order and protocol issues. Further, the event organizing agencies shall ensure that the details of the event/seating plan are vetted by the concerned District Administration well in advance.