Rehri Zones on land not owned by City Civic Body

gy correspondent Jammu mar 3
[ March 03, 2018 ] Gandhi Nagar JMC Rehri Zone on footpath of National Highway Pertinent to mention last year Double bench of High Court of J&K while Disposing off OWP (PIL) No. 458/2003 dated 19-4-2017 of Kashmir Welfare Forum and others Vs Commissioner Transport, Divisional Commissioner Jammu/Srinagar, Commissioner SMC/JMC beside others directed ibid stated officials to get removed illegal and unauthorized vendors from main roads of city to allow free flow of traffic and for free movement of pedestrians. Civic body of Jammu is constitutionally bound to perform and to ensure city roads and streets are developed and maintained as mandatory, enshrined in Master plan 2022 and presently enforce 2032. Sadly earlier for private gains dishonest officials of JMC allowed all sort of encroachments in the areas falling under JMC jurisdiction. To protect interests of those business houses sponsoring elections of our leaders who on assuming charge of constitutional posts in the name of public interests got issued notifications through govt departments with sole aim to regularize commercial structures of those who got them constructed by making mockery of law of land. Amazingly JMC not only allowed unauthorized constructions across city shamelessly law enforcing agency of city encroached upon govt land. Assistant Commissioner Revenue JMC falsely time and again reiterated no unauthorized vendor carries business from city roads and streets. Responsible officials, Secretary and ACR of JMC either are moving into the city with closed eyes or have no inclination to do justice with the duties and responsibilities connected to the post occupying. On occasions through press notes its notice that both ibid stated officials on instructions of Commissioner JMC acted to save their skin, whereas same was expected from them which they ignored to protect their personal interests. Recent press notes again proves said officials of JMC are only making the mockery of JMC commissioner’s directions as what has been claimed in press notes from the JMC Office are actually contrary to ground realities and have so far only cosmetic initiatives having no outcome yet on the ground. The city roads and streets due to presence of unauthorized vendors is disrupting smooth flow of traffic causing massive traffic jams boiling blood of those on wheels and instigating few to lose their patience and to take law into their own hands. The right of pedestrian’s right to walk is also blocked. Strangely as usual without applying mind and with intention to misguide Hon’ble Court, Commissioner JMC vide No. JMC/RB/585-97 Dated June 1, 2017 notified that JMC has identified 09 rehri zones. But the ground reality is sites claimed as Rehri Zones as per the official record of JMC don’t belong to JMC. The so called rehri zone annexed to Model Police Station Gandhi Nagar towards Women College Gate is cause of heartburn for motorists when they find themselves in the tight corner that too on main road a important part of National Highway. Due to presence of JMC’s so called rehri zone where hundreds of rehries are operating on main road besides hundreds of cars and equal number of two wheelers parked unauthorizdly by customers every day invite accidents and immense hardships for all those who pass through this busy site especially during evening till late night to reach their respective destinations. Majority of vendors at the site in question serve junk food and non veg in a n unhygienic environment as the vehicles movement passing through it raise lot of dust which come in immediate contact with the eatables, interestingly the rehries at the so called rehri zone at Gandhi Nagar are basically situated on the bank of open Nallah emitting foul smell and thus putting the health of all consumers who consume these fast food items at stake. Not only have this many of the rehries operating at rehri zone not taken mandatory permission from JMC and other competent authorities to serve the food items which is serious concern with regard to law and order as those without operating permission may prove fatal keeping in view the sensitivity of our state and also when anti social elements and terrorists are trying hard to break peace of the city. In the name of rehri zones, inefficient and corrupt officials of JMC embezzled tax payer’s money. On complaints, on the spot it was found no vendors carrying their business from the so called rehri zones outside ITI, Akhnoor road, Chander Bagah Bhagwati Nagar and rehri zone annexed to Shakuntala theatre. On condition of anonymity, a senior official of JMC raised a valid question on whose land JMC claims to have constructed rehri zones if at all he added rehri zone outside ITI Akhnoor road belongs to irrigation department and the same road is sooner than later is going to be augmented into four lanes being discussed and under process since couple of years raising question about the vision of those JMC officials who at the first instance unauthorizdly got constructed rehri zone in question by spending lacs of rupees in the name of providing employment without least bothering about the feasibility of running the business in the area. The said site presently is not being used by a single vendor. However sand mafia is misusing the site in question for stationing of their sand loaded tractors. In case of rehri zone annexed to Shakuntala theatre and adjoining to Estate Department has been sublet to courier service providers whose vehicles were found parked inside said rehri zone and a single tea seller selling tea on query informed have not seen here any vendor since the construction of same and said JMC people once in a month are seen here to collect their Nazrana from courier service providers. Thick skinned officials of JMC on whose backing dare to disobey orders of Hon/ble High Court deserves to be probed as evident outside JMC/GMC , SMGS Hospital , Shallamar, city chowk across Jewel Chowk , canal to BSF Paloura, Satwari Chowk, outside the railway station, Bahu Plaza, Transport Yard, and Narwal crossings are the sites where hundreds of unauthorized vendors are running their business by obliging JMC’s corrupt officials and the same officials shamelessly on record maintains that no vendor is allowed to carry business from city roads and streets which holds no merit.