Hope IGP Traffic’s initiatives make difference in regulation of traffic

golden yug
[ March 03, 2018 ] Jammu : 28-2-2018 From the initiatives, IGP Traffic Basant Rath taking since he has taken over now Jammuites are rest assured that improvement in the traffic management will no more be a nightmare as has been the case for the last many years. In yet another public interest initiative, Mr Rath now has written to Dy Commissioner Jammu and Commissioner JMC to cancel the licences of all those Banquet halls operating within JMC limits having no parking area. For the convenience of our readers, pertinent to mention here that as per the revised Jammu city master plan 2032, Janjghar, community centre and banquet hall must have minimum plot area as 1.5 acres (12 kanals) with maximum ground coverage 30%, Max FAR 60%, Max height 12 M. For banquet halls the RoW of approach road shall be minimum 20 m wide road. Besides banquet halls shall not be allowed to close proximity of any water body like river, canal , nallah and lake etc. In addition to above mentioned parameters there is also provision in rule book that roads can’t be used as parking slots and it is strictly prohibited in case of banquet halls. Mr Basant Rath has made his intention clear and so the JMC and JDA which are committed to support wrongdoers and violators as has been seen in case of grooming of several illegal banquet halls in Jammu notwithstanding the fact that regarding traffic management Jammu city is worst in the country both JMC and JDA allowed construction of banquet halls in every nook and corner of city without least bothering about the laid down norms and even ignoring all very important the parking facility. The capability and credibility of both JMC and JDA is evident from the fact that the banquet halls being run by Govt agencies are devoid of parking facility then what can be expected from both these to do justice with other banquet halls in the city . These include the community hall owned by JDA as Devak Community Hall at Janipur Colony and Sangam Palace banquet hallAT Railway Station owned by SRTC, JMC’s banquet hall Raja Jambo Lochan at Ustad Mohalla Jammu. Eight community halls belonging to different communities and fraternities are also not having their own parking space. As per our sources and record available with us, 77 illegal renowned halls out of the total 114 are under taking bookings for various functions during ongoing peak marriage season even as the concerned officials of the departments sit as moot spectator and are yet to take any action in this connection. Now Custodian department has stepped in into the venture of constructing banquet halls at Lower Muthi and under construction banquet hall in Samba. Now the question arises here weather rules are meant for public only and Govt agencies are exempted from it as from the banquet halls constructed by above mentioned govt agencies lack parking facility and also other parameters vital to undertake while going for construction of banquet halls. Moreover several commercial halls are functioning like banquet halls under the nose of JMC and JDA authorities prove strong nexus between these govt departments and violators. Hope Mr Rath will go through this detail and accordingly asked the concerned authorities to take action against above mentioned 77 banquet halls to save energy and time and to unnecessarily indulge into file work. Mr Rath will have to take the issue with iron hands as both the Hon’ble Court and general public besides several RTI Activists have brought the issue into the kind notice of both JDA and JMC but nothing has been done in this regard on ground. Not only banquet halls are violators even several top hotels lack parking facility but arrange marriage functions causing serious traffic nuisance for general public. Now the million dollar question will be , will the Rath’s letter to Dy Commissioner Jammu and Commissioner JMC will make any difference this time, only time will tell, Jammuites are anxiously waiting for some concrete action on ground.