JMC burnt candle on both sides while utilizing public money

golden yug
[ March 01, 2018 ] Brite Neon Sign Private Ltd. again given contract despite shabby work in earlier contract Jammu Municipal Corporation without appropriate study and without having prior knowledge and work experience took a project in hand of getting bus queue shelters for daily commuter’s convenience and safety. Presently from decades, people boarding Mini Busses and other Busses have to get wet during rainy season and have to stand in open in scorching heat risking their lives to board said transport. For the said purpose, without any expertise of public transport and environment and also without any vision of their requirement and necessity, JMC formed a committee from within paving way for construction of Bus queue shelters on BOT basis i.e Built, operate and Transfer is a form of project financing wherein a private entity receives a concession from private or public sector to finance design , construct, own and operate a facility as stated in the concession contract. Bus Queue Shelters fifty in numbers awarded were to be constructed by the bidder investing his own funds in area covering 71 Wards without causing any financial burden on JMC or any other govt agency as the bidder vested with power to display hoardings in the form of advertisements to generate revenue to pay it to JMC. BQS work was awarded in Oct 2016 with a deadline to complete the same by Oct 2017 as per the contract signed between JMC and Brite Neon Sign Private Ltd and was given contract to Neon Brite Neon Sign Private Ltd Vide No. JMC/S/55-56 dated 24-10-2017 for a period of one year. The contractor has to pay the monthly concession fee from the sixth year. There shall be an incremental increase in the monthly concession fee at a compounded rate @ 7% every year during the contract period. In this regard, JMC floated a e-NIT bearing No. Nil dated 31-8-2016 entered in unofficial register, moreover dispatch of the same was reflected in unofficial register instead of general routine official register maintained by JMC in its R&D maintained in the office of Joint Commissioner Administration, JMC issued vide Endorsed No. MJ/PS/JCA/ADV/03 to get advertised through Information Department, Jammu under No. DIP/J1103-P dated 2-9-2016 vide covering letter No. MJ/PS/JCA/ADV/04-07 dated 31-8-2016 wilfully gets it published in local papers only to avoid its wide publicity by not publishing the same in national papers for vested interests, pertinent to mention here letter of JMC of e-Nit bearing No. Nil was unofficially issued having no e-Nit No. which got published in newspapers. In response to above said E-NIT JMC prepared technical comparative statement of E/NIT mentioning No.1 of 2016-17 for bus queue shelters. In the said statement, the five bidders participated. Interestingly JMC approved the Firm having no past experience as reflected in the JMC officials ibid stated documents. In the said document it is clearly written with regard to eligibility and experience it is written not submitted by Brite Neon Sign Private Ltd. JMC despite knowing that the contractor not in position to fulfil the terms and conditions in the contract vide No. MJ/Estt/7637-42 dated 3-10-2016 intimated the disputed Firm to sign a contract which was signed on 28-10-2016 between JMC through its Joint Commissioner (A) and Director M/s Brite Neon Signs Private Ltd originally based in Patna, Bihar. The said contract is bad in the eyes of law as the same is not having the signatures and stamps of concerned authorities vested with power to do so. The Firms fulfilling the criteria in the above said e-Nit were ignored as they refuse to bribe JMC officials and the Firm without any experience awarded work thinking of only personal considerations at the cost of huge loss to Govt exchequer. Sad part of the story is Firm in question which was treated as successful bidder as per JMC record has not only violated the terms and conditions of present contract but also in past as per official record of JMC said Firm was involved and caught indulging in mal practices in the contract of sole advertisement rights in wards from 1 to 48. The said Firm fraudulently too got erected hundreds of illegal hoardings across Jammu with connivance of same set of JMC officials who thereafter out of the way to protect their personal interests awarded instant contract with a direction in the contract to complete the project in one year time. When the entire matter of complete mess was brought into kind notice of Secretary, JMC Sunaina Sharma , she vide No.872 dated 22-1-2018 has stated that out of fifty bus queue shelters allotted, only 13 have been completed whereas the fact is only nine have been completed if JMC record is to be believed because remaining claimed completed as per official record the copy of which is available with us it is stated bus queues shelters constructed in addition to proposed list of selected sites how the said contractor is making mockery of state govt rules and regulations is evident and silence of the concerned authorities speaks volumes about the nexus between the key officials of JMC and said Firm. The concerned persons of the said Firm on occasions were found uttering have purchased key officials of JMC by paying them hefty amounts making their legitimate actions blunt against repeated violations committed by them. The ugly face of JMC officials which got exposed in the instant case is through construction of existence of unauthorized bus queue shelters and as per contract the facilities like water electricity dustbins flowers and shrubs and ten percent space for display of important slogans and messages along with JMC logo besides contrary to size mentioned in contract does not exist in the so called claimed completed bus queue shelters by Secretary JMC and which is however clearly mentioned in the contract. Moreover there is no such mention of any clause which approves that display of advertisements at bus shelters as per provision of Govt advertisement policy 2010. Besides in course of Bus-Q-Shelters construction, the permissions/reservations of other concerned departments were not taken into consideration which include PWD, Traffic department, PDD and PHE department as these departments had a role in giving facilities at shelters sites like power, drinking water, fans, dustbins, shrubs etc. Moreover no penalty was imposed on contractor for missing the deadline of completion of project which was clearly written in the contract that if the contractor fails to complete the job as per schedule, a penalty of Rs 50,000 per incomplete unit shall be enforced by Jammu Municipal Corporation.