Why contractors yet not blacklisted for execution of substandard work

golden yug
[ March 05, 2018 ] DPR deviated as per convenience of contractor Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA) came into existence in the year 2004 and was headed by then Chief Minister Late Mufti Mohd Sayeed. Visionary Mufti got constituted ERA with a sole aim to speed up developmental works in state especially related to drinking water, Nallahas, flyovers, car parking’s besides taking into hands the projects like sewerage management and treatment and roads and buildings. Sadly key officials of ERA so far have made no attempt to maintain ERA as visualized by former CM of state late Mufti Mohd Sayeed. During last 14 years ERA has not completed assigned projects in double figure, the official record of ERA in this regard proves ERA’s poor performance. Since 2013, ERA has taken into hands twenty five projects, sadly till day as claimed by ERA nine has been completed leaving aside their quality of works. ERA is one of the Govt Agencies in the state of J&K whose key dishonest officials so far remained out of clutches of state investigating agencies. For that, credit goes to its official’s manipulative powers and efforts of those getting share through ERA officials. Worth mentioning here in the name of development with ulterior motives, ERA has burden citizens of state under a loan of Rs 2245 crores taken from Asian Developmental Bank with the objective of fast development in state but after taking the loan, said amount was on priority used for other purposes ignoring the fact that this is a loan and has to be returned by raising amount collected from tax payers hard earned money. ERA awarded Jammu Urban Water Supply work also known as Replacement of worn out pipe lines vides No. PM/JKUSDIP/ERA/J/1447-54 to M/S SMS Parayavaran limited of Delhi on 12-4-2013 in Sainik Colony and Channi Himmat. Worth mentioning here that the road restoration work left after laying of water supply pipelines for Sainik Colony and Channi Himmat Sector-3 under the package,” Replacement of worn out pipe lines, carrying new pipelines of distribution networks and construction of overhead tanks at Jammu Water Supply Scheme vide contract package No.JKUSDIP Jammu/WS-02 by invoking Clause 7.6 (C) of GCC. The estimated cost of the work was Rs 357612458 crores .The said contract was signed on 30 May, 2013 with a deadline of completing the work on or before 14-7-2016. The said Firm by greasing palms of key officials of ERA and their political bosses executed sub standard works which was ignored by administration and politicians. The said work is yet to be completed despite lot of hue and cry of inhabitants who suffered due to inordinate delay in its completion. The apathy of govt besides concerned officials is evident who deliberately turned blind eye towards incapability’s of M/S SMS Parayavaran limited and provided unnecessary long rope to the said firm despite its consistent failure in completing the project assigned to it in stipulated time . Under public pressure finally dishonest officials of ERA were forced to use clause 7.6( c) of GCC to save their skins and incomplete work to some extent was got completed through the sub contractor. ERA claimed that total cost of project in question is 35,76,12,458 so far yet to be completed and its commissioning is a distant dream. Documents of ERA proved that key officials of ERA and politicians of contemporary time have not realized that ERA mess is no more a secret. Similarly work of rehabilitation of water supply pipe network in identified areas within Zone 2,3,4 and 5 in Jammu city adjoining with Sarwal, New Plot, Bakshi Nagar vide contract No. JKUSDIP Jammu/WS-05 PM/JKUSDIP/ERA/J/250-258 Dated 14-1-2015 was awarded to M/s Technofab Engineering Ltd,507,Eros Apartment,56 Nehru Place, New Delhi. Worth mentioning here without any justification so far 63,74,83.875 crores seems flushed into drains by ERA in the name of replacement of existing and laying of new pipelines besides construction of over head tanks. M/S SMS Parayavaran limited has so far not completed 30% of the work assigned through above mentioned allotment even after lapse of nearly five years thereby missing several deadlines if the completion of the project. ERA through IPC 1to 15 has cleared an amount of Rs 12,25,40,435 as on 13-11-2017 in favour of M/S SMS Parayavaran limited out of awarded work total amount of Rs thirty five crores seventy six lacs twelve thousand four hundred and fifty eight. However passing the buck, Ajay Gupta Project Manager (Hydraulic) ERA giving lame excuse that PHE department is not cooperating with them resulting in delay in completion of the project. The credibility of ERA’s performance is evident from the fact that pipe work is still in progress at Sarwal and Shakti Nagar. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti reputation and administrative power are being constantly challenged by few key officials of ERA, enjoying patronage of Ministerial colleagues of Chief Minister. ERA and their acts and omissions have turned ERA into den of corruption. Notwithstanding record of ERA maintained having number USDIP/ERA/J /6287-92 DATED 29-7-2017 states number of extensions given to M/S SMS Parayavaran limited but without any positive result, contractor has not kept his commitment made with CEO ERA, promising speeding of pace of the work in his hand but remained non-performer. The question nation wants to know is what happens to tall claims of good governance in this part of country and what reservation ERA Bosses have that they have so far not blacklisted the Firm in question. In the light of above facts, Vigilance enquiry is need of the hour to fix responsibility for inordinate delay in execution of said work and to punish those who with their ulterior motives misused ADB loan for personal gains and allowed contractor to linger on with work despite his consistent poor performance with regard to the project.