Pak continues shelling, giving a damn to India’s warning, international pressure

golden yug
[ March 07, 2018 ] Not caring at all about the warnings India has been giving Pakistan quite often and the international opinion that New Delhi has been able to turn against it, it continues to shell Indian posts and villages without any fear. Today also, it violated ceasefire, shelling Battal Keri area along the LoC. Though the international community knows that the unprovoked Pak fire is aimed at facilitating infiltration by terrorists, nothing much has so far been done to force it stop all this undesirable activity. Under the cover of this unprovoked fire, Pakistan tries to infiltrate terrorists into the Indian territory to keep the Kashmir pot boiling. The border troops had last year eliminated over 70 terrorists, foiling dozens of infiltration bids by them. One can well imagine what these 70 terrorists would have done in Kashmir had the alert troops not intercepted and killed them. After the unprovoked Pak shelling and artillery fire showed no signs of receding last month, India had retaliated effectively, inflicting more than 20 casualties on the enemy side and destroying several of their forward posts and terrorists’ launch pads, according to Army sources. As is expected, Pakistan would continue to needle India in future too. Hence India should concentrate on making borders impenetrable. Once the borders are fully plugged, the Pak agents in Kashmir won’t be able to sustain for long. This way, terrorism would gradually meet its end and peace would automatically return to the state. It has now become known to the international community that Pakistan has been infiltrating terrorists into the state, besides pumping hawala money to fund terrorism and fuel unrest by inciting youth to stone security forces. The need of the hour is also to deal with a firm hand with separatists and other pro-Pak elements who are behind the valley unrest and all types of terror activities in the state. NIA is already working on busting hawala rackets active in the state and elsewhere in the country. It has already laid hands on several of them and seized hawala funds to the tune of lakhs of rupees. Hawala funds are also smuggled into the state by the infiltrating terrorists. Since infiltration has been brought down by the border troops to a large extent, the Pak ISI has found out other ways of pumping hawala funds into Kashmir, knowing well that terrorism won’t be surviving for long without money. Money is required by the terrorists for their daily expenses and buy items of daily use. This money is also being distributed among stone-pelters, operators of sleeper cells for terrorists and other Pak agents in the valley to keep the Kashmir pot boiling. Once the hawala channels get blocked, terrorism won’t survive for long. If the agencies successfully block hawala channels and plug all infiltration routes by putting in place newer anti-intrusion gadgets on the borders, Islamabad would be finding it very hard to sustain terrorism in Kashmir. The earlier it is done, the better it would be for India.