ERA failed to supply water despite cost escalation worth crores

Golden yug
[ March 09, 2018 ] Notwithstanding expose after expose regarding poor working of ERA which has been time and again put in the public domain by social and RTI Activists. Besides hue and cry of general public of Jammu pointing delay and poor quality of work by ERA in their areas undertook or undertaking work, J&K Govt’s faith has not shattered at all over ERA when worth crores tax payers money misused and mis-utilized by way of poor quality work and also completing every project after missing several deadlines resulting in cost escalation of every project. To the understanding of common man forgiving a habitual offender is not only suicidal but an act of foolishness. However trusting ERA again and again is beneficial for both Govt officials and ERA officials but at the cost of public money and immense sufferings to common man. To begin with wrongdoings of ERA key officials as evident awarded work worth Rs 82crores in the year 2014 to M/s Hasan Road Construction Company Pvt Ltd of Srinagar for construction of two nallahas from Delli Jodhamal School to Digiana and Thunger Nallah, Channi Himmat to Londoi Choi Sanjay Nagar, the work got escalated to more than 90 crores and yet not completed despite being given half a dozen extensions. It is alleged Minister concerned and CEO of ERA time and again adopted this strategy to misuse Asian Development Bank ADB loans and amount spent by state which actually belongs to every citizen of state paid in the form of various taxes. Other work amounting to 72,98,41,391 was awarded on 14-1-2015 to M/S Technofab Engineering Ltd of New Delhi, for the work of rehabilitation of water supply pipe network vide contract No. JKUSDIP Jammu/WS-05. Under the said work areas proposed to be covered were Bhagwati Nagar, Mohinder Nagar,Talab Tillo-part, Shakti Nagar –part, Shiv Nagar, Resham Ghar, Bakshi Nagar,Gurah Bakshi Nagar,Subash Nagar-part, New Plot, Rehari-part, paloura,Shanti Nagar,Patoli Magotran, Janipur Part, Toph, Rajpura part and High Court and Janipur colony- part. The work was commenced on 26-2-2015 with stipulated date of its completion 25-10-2016. The terms of the contract reads if the work is not completed in stipulated time period, the contractor will be imposed fine. Strangely Instead of imposing penalty so far contractor has been awarded four extensions and last one was granted vide No. PM/JKUSDIP/ERA/J/2430 Dated 1-1-2018, which seems more like a gift from ERA project Manager to said contractor. Contractors of ERA too have contributed a lot in making ERA official’s dream of owning a house come true. However besides extensions, original contract value of Rs 72,98,41,391 was revised to Rs 76,39,98,203 leaving aside pleas on record. The claimed physical progress of 95% is far from truth, same work is going on in large scale in areas of Sarwal. Moreover out of twelve streets of Shakti Nagar so far in only street No. 10 work is under progress since Dec 2017 street is non-walkable making mockery of system. Similar is the case with several areas where on papers the work claimed to be completed but on ground either not commissioned or surfacing of roads and streets is yet to be placed in its original form as found in the areas of Canal to Shakti Nagar bridge and street No. 7& 9 of Talab Tillo. With every passing day, greed of ERA officials is crossing all limits as evident likewise on 15-7-2013 ERA stated that its going to construct 10 overhead tanks (OHT) at Jammu water supply scheme under contract package No. JKUSDIP Jammu /WS-02 amounting Rs 357612458. After embezzling funds worth crores which remained unchecked reasons best known to concerned Minister Dr Nirmal Singh and CEOs of ERA who occupied the post now without any justification ERA officials are claiming two OHT got commissioned till day, another five are expected in near future and one is nearer its completion but are silent what happens to another two whereas ERA has claimed earlier under WS-02 will get constructed ten OHTs. What happens to remaining two who took money of said two OHTs. The project is still incomplete even after given four extensions, work of water pipelines in Channi Himmat and Sainik Colony areas claimed covering 92.5 Km areas is a disputed claim until and unless probed by an independent agency. Moreover residents of the said localities on query informed they are not getting water through new connections months back provided by ERA contractor ,who left damaged roads and streets making life of inhabitants miserable and residents added there is none to listen and ensure when roads and streets dug by ERA be restored & drinking water be available to us.Senior citizen enquired when our CM will ensure agencies like ERA start appreciating fundamentals of transparency.