Golden yug
[ March 13, 2018 ] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has played an important role in providing relief to a large chunk of population in different forms since the Companies Act 2013 came into force from April1st, 2014. As per the Act, every company private Ltd or public limited, which either has a net worth of Rs 500 crores or a turnover of Rs 1000 crores or net profit of Rs 5 crores needed to spend at least 2% of its average net profit for social works especially weak and marginalized sections of society. As per the ibid stated Act, J&K has also taken several initiatives in different departments under CSR be it Education, Health and other sectors by providing computers, upgradation of school infrastructure, Ambulances to hospitals, developing and maintaining several parks of state. Similarly on the request of J&K Govt to prepare approximately 30 lacs new ration cards in May 2015 as per the census of 2011, then Chairman & CEO J&K Bank Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat accepting the request prepared ration cards in three languages namely English, Urdu and Hindi on behalf of Govt and in partnership with CAPD Department having validity from 2015 to June 2018 under CSR initiative. However Directorate, Food civil supply and consumer affairs (FCS&CA) , Department Jammu issued a order 430-444 dated 16-12-2017 fixed charges to have new ration cards based on four categories for the consumers. The consumers falling under PHH (AAY) category were charged Rs 30 per ration card, Rs 75 charged under PHH (BPL-others) per ration card, Non PHH (APL) category consumers were charged Rs 100 per ration card and Exclusion ( for no ration purpose) ration card holders were charged Rs 100 each. Accordingly a handsome amount of Rs 23299690 was generated from the sale of different category ration cards from Jammu region after the concerned dealers submitted the said amount into Govt tresuary after collecting the same from the consumers after depsositing same advance of their respective areas. Though confusion remains as if the Bank prepared the ration cards under CSR, why then consumers were charged for various category ration cards and if CAPD department is also partner in preparation of ration cards why then Bank’s financial help sought under CSR. When asked concerned CAPD authorities through letter sent on 03-01-2018 the amount spent by department and the J&K Bank under CSR no response was given as yet which creates doubt over the arrangement between CAPD department and J&K Bank. J&K Bank in the garb of CSR actually covered number of pages of new ration cards for its advertisement purposes as the same information if otherwise got published in newspapers/Magazines the Bank could have spent in crores. On the other hand, if the Bank is saying that it prepared ration cards under CSR why CAPD department charged consumers for acquiring new ration cards. Moreover, the validity of new ration cards is up to June 2018 which means its validity will be over in three months time which also means that consumers will be charged again for printing of new ration cards. The validity written on ration cards is actually from 2015 to June 2018 but as the new ration cards were started distributing only in ending 2017 and which are continuing presently also so its validity remains of few months. In addition to this other than the messages of former Chairman of J&K Bank and the Minister concerned Ch Zulfikar Ali, there is no such signature on any of the pages which proves that it has been issued by a govt agency.