Empowered junior officer misused official position, injudiciously distributed Govt advertisements

Golden yug
[ March 15, 2018 ] The Information department and public relations (DIPR) is nodal agency for the distribution of Govt advertisements in the newspapers primarily published in the state of J&K and national newspapers within and outside the state as per the policy of Govt. Accordingly Govt as per the new advertisement policy 2016 issued a order dated 23-8-2017 whereby both the joint directors i.e from Jammu and Kashmir were appointed nodal officers for free fair and judicious distribution of Govt advertisements from 1st of September 2017 purely and solely on the pattern of DAVP. Besides they were given the power of managing financial issues with regard to release of payments for advertisements published in newspapers. Above mentioned order further emphasized that empowered nodal officers will work independently without any involvement of Director of Information. However after empowering Joint Director Jammu and Kashmir as nodal officer, the previous arrangement made in the office of Joint Director Jammu where by a field publicity officer namely Priyalakshmi was directed by Joint Director information (Hqr) to assist Dy Director Jammu in verifying the advertisement bills in addition to her own duties besides monitoring distribution of advertisements to the newspapers after the transfer of Mamta Bhagat, Assistant Director Information Jammu vide Joint Director Information, Jammu letter No. INF/J-2095/2016 Dated 1-3-2017 but the same arrangement continued even after making Joint Directors nodal officers. Priyalakshmi a 2012 batch Junior KAS Officer was vide No. INF/G-83/2016/3749-51 Dated 6-3-2017 moreover not at all fit for the task assigned to her as after getting the power from Joint Director in absence of knowledge, skill and experience ensured totally biased distribution of Govt advertisements as with regard to her monitoring skills, she allowed publication of advertisements which got published on the day which was actually last day of reacting to contents in the advertisements whereas rule says that any information in the form of advertisement should be published at least a week time before the last date of submission of bids so that it gets wide publicity and also to ensure work gets allotted on compatible rates so that state exchequer may not be at loss besides ensuring quality work after the publishing of advertisements in the newspapers. To quote few examples where ibid stated Junior KAS officer proved her incapability and lack of knowledge include a advertisement in the form of e-tender Notice No. SICOP/Dev/33 dated 6-1-2018 carrying the information of work namely Civil works (Balance) of women entrepreneur development centre at Jammu Haat Jammu having approximate cost Rs 674..57 lacs vide DIP/J-3067-P/17 dated 8-1-2018 was released for publication in State Times newspaper and a low profile newspaper whereas this nature advertisement should have been published in Daily Excelsior for its vide publicity and quality work. Similarly another advertisement e-tender notice No.SICOP/Dev/35 dated 6-1-2018 carrying information of work namely electrical works external, internal and substation of women entrepreneur development centre at Jammu Haat, Jammu at approximate cost of Rs 174.72 lacs was also published in state Times and again in a low profile newspaper with a aim to block the wide publicity of tender. Surprisingly e-tender notice No.SICOP/DEV/34 Dated 6-1-2018 carrying information of work namely supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 No. lift inclusive AMC for two years after inauguration of women entrepreneur development centre at Jammu Haat, Jammu worth Rs 50 lacs was published in Daily Excelsior but e-tender having high denomination in comparison to e-tender which got published in state times raises doubt over the distribution of advertisements by the said officer and it will not be out of way to say that it was deliberately done so that the e-tender which got published other than Daily Excelsior was done having ulterior motives. Moreover Notice inviting tender e-nit No.MHDJ/DB/E/2017-18/03 Dated 27-4-2017 for the work namely reconditioning of 16.5 TR capacity package Air conditioning unit I and II (Blue Star Make) including allied works installed in the Blood Bank of GMC&H, Jammu got published in Daily Excelsior on 30-4-2017 but the aforesaid tender had no date mentioned in the tender which raises question mark on the intelligence of officer which allowed its publication without even looking that the tender has no mention of date and how can a bidder bid in absence of date. Likewise Advertisement Notice having advertisement for filling up class IVth Fisheries Guards,Chowkidars and Cook (District Cadre Rajouri) for twenty posts in the fisheries department vide DIP/J-11840 got published only in Kashmir Times dated March 7, 2018 when such an important advertisement should have been also published in two other leading papers also. Another tender under the monitoring of Priyalakshmi, field publicity officer e-tender No.46/2017-18 dated 8-3-2018 having information of work namely Construction of Nallah in SC Basti Jallochak Panchayat Ratinu, Jammu 98-173M with an estimated cost of Rs 37.42 lacs from Executive Engineer Town Drainage Division Jammu got published in Daily State Times on 13-3-2018 having DIP/J-12028/18 dated 12-3-2018 by the date of publication of tender happens to be last date of reaching tender online and also as per the tender, period of EMD, cost of tender documents have to be submitted on 13-3-2018 by 1600 hours and last date and time for online submission of tender was 13-3-2018 by 1000 hours beside a CDR worth Rs 74860 was to be submitted by the bidders the same day on which the tender got published. A tender No.1 NIT-01 dated 25-1-2017 regarding providing of diet to indoor patients in Govt Medical College and its associated hospitals was received by information department on 1-2-2017 for wide publicity worth Rs more than 10 crores annually and that too for five years was published only in state times and in a low profile paper, Jammu Jotting under DIP/J 9005 dated 1-2-2017 issued by Chairman, purchase committee Govt Medical College & associated hospitals Jammu which was actually an attempt to block its wide publicity by not allowing its publication in a highly circulated newspaper for the purpose of vide publicity of tender .Similarly another e-tender notice No.2 of 2017 carrying information of work namely Canteen services in Govt Medical College and its associated hospitals Jammu worth crores was published in state times and two other low profile newspapers with DIP/J-987 Dated 15-5-2017 . Moreover in the tender itself it was mentioned by the issuing authority to get the same published in two national dailies, which was ignored by said Junior KAS officer with a intention to safeguard her vested interests. Moreover said officer distributed advertisements to newspapers as she wished by throwing all norms to winds in a weekly newspaper, JOB Quest 260 Cm and in fortnightly JK News Network 205 Cm advertisements was released during Jan 2018. Amazingly during same period Daily newspaper Dainik Kashmir Times was allotted 220 Cm and another Daily Pabandhi was too given 210 Cm which prima-facie proves Priyalakshmi Junior KAS Officer abused her authority for personal gains. Moreover it is a matter of enquiry by any competent authority to find out if tenders worth 50 lacs are readily published in Daily Excelsior why tenders worth crores not published in Daily Excelsior. KAS Priyalakshmi must be having some idea behind this sort of distribution by her which she should spell out and in case she has done it for vested interests then she should face the music as per the law of land.