Despite central grants, subsidies, Industrial Sector in Jammu fails to revive

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[ March 17, 2018 ] Industrial units not established on several Kanals of land after allotment J&K Govt in order to boost fragile economy of state and to provide and create employment opportunities for local unemployed youths allotted land to interested persons on subsidised rates to establish industrial units. Accordingly J&K Govt allotted land after acquiring the same from the farmers of respective areas at Gangyal, Digiana, Bari Brahamana, Birpur, Samba and Kathua. In Jammu also, interested persons having interest to run business were allotted 6152 kanals of land at Bari Brahamana to establish 464 business units, 1000 kanals at Birpur to establish 75 business units in the year 1972-73, 3494 kanals of land allotted at IGC Samba to establish 247 business units. Accordingly in the year 1974-75 above mentioned business units were established by collecting one time premium per kanal & in case of land not exceeding 5 kanals Rs 5 lacs, for 10 kanals Rs 6 lacs, for 20 kanals @ Rs 7 lacs and for land exceeding 20 kanals Rs 8 lacs & SIDCO charges an annual rent of Rs 3750 per kanal excluding water and power charges. At present as per the sources 117 units remained non-established and with a result the rent mentioned above to be paid to SIDCO was never paid besides other charges. Among biggest defaulters include Tawi Steel Rolling Mills Pvt Ltd , which was allotted 16 kanals of land, Naya Kashmir Oil Mills was allotted 3 kanals land, KC Vanaspati was allotted 66.4 kanals land, Jammu Steel Rerolling Pvt Ltd was allotted 12 kanal land, Associated Cylinders India Pvt Limited allotted 16 kanals land, Trans Asia Tubes and Industries Ltd allotted 47 kanals land, JK Ex servicemen cooperative store ltd got allotted 48 kanals land, JK Cigarette allotted 80 kanals land, Himalya Wool combers allotted 65.2 kanals land and likewise several others were allotted 2 to 5 kanals land are for the time being are closed since 1984-85. Till Feb ending as per the sources Business units in Bari Brahamana have not paid an outstanding amount of Rs 50002704 as ground rent, In Samba till Feb 2018 ending, industrial units have not paid ground rent of Rs 121.77 crores , Besides water charges, pending to be paid by industrial units proprietors in Bari Brahamana and Samba is Rs 10464717 but the concerned authorities Estate Managers SIDCO have not paid any attention to get back the ground rent pending for years together which means that no sincerity has been shown by them to put the industrial sector on right path as most of them are primarily concerned with their salaries and perks. Moreover in the name of taking action against defaulters, As an eye wash notices have been issued without any follow up action as the land allotted ranging from minimum 2 kanals to 5 kanals remains unused for years , as no industrial unit has been established on the alloted sites which is a serious issue as hundreds of young dynamic youths are capable and qualified enough who if provided such platforms may have used the opportunity to bring positive units. In SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahamana, 117 industrial units are non-functional and among them several of them after getting the possession of land for industrial purpose have only so far constructed boundary wall, room, shed in the name of establishing business units. Reliable sources informed that Airmesh Communication got allotted six kanal land on 12-5-2011 has only constructed boundary wall in the name of establishing business unit, Associated Cylenders India Pvt Ltd was allotted sixteen Kanal land on 11-7-1983 is still a open plot, Bharat Plasto Tech India was allotted 6.73 kanal of land on 9-4-2011 has only constructed boundary wall & factory shed, Chenab Industries got allotted 10.2 Kanals land on 27-4-2011 has only constructed boundary wall and shed. Godrej Consumers Products Ltd got allotted 21 kanals land on 22-1-2016 & has only constructed boundary wall and factory shed, Grover Solvex Pvt Ltd allotted 27 Kanals land on 7-9-1987 is a open plot under transfer to U-Flex unit II, Spire General Industries allotted twenty eight Kanals land on 19-7-2013 has constructed boundary wall, factory shed, adm block constructed, Shaurya Overseas allotted twenty four Kanal on 24-9-2015 auctioned by J&K Agro in favour of M/s Shaurya Overseas, Trans Asia Tubes and Industries Ltd allotted forty seven Kanals land on 15-9-1987 restored by Court in favour Unit holder and factories restarting their production. All the above mentioned industrial units are non functional and puts serious question over concerned authorities why no action taken against all those who after taking possession of land did not establish their industrial units which if established could have generated income and employment to younger generation which was by the way the priority to allot land for establishing industrial units. Moreover the land which remains unused could have been used by young energetic youths who are in line to run their business using their skills and intelligence using technology and new innovations taking place all across globe globally and swiftly. New Industrial Policy 2016 was never ever implemented in true spirit as per its guidelines nothing was done and no action was taken against defaulters and violators. New Industrial Policy 2016 states that if effective steps are not taken by the allotee/promoter for the utilization of the allottee land for the purpose, for which it has been allotted with a period of two years after handing over the possession, the land shall be retrieved and resumed by the lessor. The effective steps include the construction of building and placement of order for procurement of the machinery and shall not mean mere construction of Chowkidar shed and boundary wall. However if the alottee/promoter voluntarily surrender the land to the lesor before two years he/she will be provided exit route by way of 100% refund of premier paid. No refund shall be allowed after a period of two years from the date of handing over the possession of the land except in circumstances beyond the control of alottee/promoter. No sale or transfer of allotted vacant land by the alottee shall be permitted under any circumstances under new policy 2016. It is shocking to note that concerned officials have done nothing to implement Industrial Policy 2016 in letter & spirit framed vide State Administrative Council Decision No. 31/5/2016 dated 14-3-2016 which gives powers to PSUs to cancel the land allotment order for industrial unit use and resumption of land but even after clear directions in the Industrial Policy nothing was done in this regard as still several hundreds kanal of land allotted for establishing industrial units have not used purposefully and neither as per the policy neither the land has been taken back nor any concrete action has been taken to force defaulters to mend their ways. Moreover as per the directions and guidelines issued by Govt from time to time, it is mandatory to engage 55% locals in these industrial units rest may be engaged from outside as per vide no . IND/80/2013 but on the ground the concerned officials have not paid any heed to ensure the engagement of locals as per guidelines as most of the industrial units have engaged work force from outside. Vipin a local unemployed youth on the issue said as & whenever locals approaches these industrial units they are sent back with standard reply, “no vacancy”. Not only this it is surprising to note despite huge industrial grant to J&K besides several incentives and concessions, the industrial sector in state has only gone from bad to worst for the reasons best known to concerned officials. Under PM’s development programme Rs. 3686.85 lacs was given for Industrial Units at Bari Brahamana to redevelop its roads & drainage network, fencing/boundary wall, toilet blocks, flood protection works etc in the year 2017-18. Under the same scheme Rs 1,159.75 was provided to Samba besides Rs 104.72 lacs spent on electricity but no considerable change was noticed on the ground. Similarly several other schemes have met the same fate in industrial units located in Samba and Jammu. one thing is sure that despite grants from central govt and several initiatives by state Govt besides subsidies the scenario of industrial sector has not changed at all owing to no plugging of loop holes in the system.