Journalist writes to CM , alleges nexus between JMC Officers & land Mafia

Golden yug
[ March 19, 2018 ] Big commercial duplex shop construction going on at main VVIP Mahespura-Bakshi Nagar road near Chest Disease Hospital, opposite Shulabh Toilet Complex with full collaboration & handsome bribe to Jammu Municipal Corporation Officers. A motor vehicle service station was working on ground floor and the construction on first & second floor going on internally. This illegal commercial activity is going on from the last three months on state land without the land documents on Noman"s land. There is no official permission taken from JMC for the construction. Commissioner & Joint Commissioner were already informed from time to time (Through e-mail & post also, details enclosed) about this illegal commercial activity but they have not taken any step to stop this illegal activity, the reasons best known to them. The only effect of bringing this illegal construction activity into the knowledge of Commissioner & Joint Commissioner, JMC is that the pace of work of that illegal construction becomes faster & even more professional via using old painted bricks, use of old cardboards in front of windows, use of old material, use of old tyres, use of poor looking person with torn clothes in front of shop etc. Even after bringing this illegal construction activity into the knowledge of Commissioner & Joint Commissioner, JMC so many times, the effect is that the violators then also encroach public lane by installing iron pillars & iron grated gallery and fixed tiles, marbles etc on roads & Govt, walls.Now the more pathetic situation & hype of corruption is that now the violators (Land Mafia) start more commercial construction nearby that illegal shops using pillars in the nights with full support from Jammu Municipal Corporation Officers by taking huge some of money as bribe from the violators (land mafia). The violators in full criminal conspiracy & collaboration of JMC Officers tries to show that this commercial construction belongs to a poor person and also is the old construction, but the reality is that this construction was done in the last three months and the violators paid handsome bribe to the JMC Officers and all this happens in the tenure of the honest & competent IAS officers of Jammu Municipal Corporation. How can it be possible that the ton"s of construction material & debris lies on the main road was not in the knowledge of JMC officer"s, the violators & JMC officers thus making mockery of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.Now it is requested to please look into this criminal conspiracy and unlawful Act of Jammu Municipal Corporation Officers and register an FIR against them and also do a fair probe in this regard and stop this illegal commercial construction on state land. I cannot provide my address & Phone number because of the threat to my life in view of the nexus of Land mafia & JMC Officers. Whenever any person make any complaint in JMC regarding encroachment then the enforcement team provides the communication details of the complainant to the violator (offender/land grabber) and make the life of complainant like hell & starts threatening the complainant of dire consequences and because of that most of the complaints were not resolved or taken back. Last but not least why JMC Officers starts searching & tracing complainant instead of Violators who does illegal constructions ?.