JMC record reveals tax payers money used for private gains

Golden yug
[ March 21, 2018 ] Cleanliness scenario under concerned Minister gone from bad to worst Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) which has the responsibility and prime duty to make utmost efforts to improve hygienic conditions namely cleaning roads , lanes by lanes, streets and most importantly the nallahas which have been the reason of chronic fever, allergy, infections and viral diseases in the areas under its jurisdiction has consistently and persistently failed in making any improvement, on the contrary its working style has created more mess than addressing the issues concerned with the cleanliness and lifting of garbage from city. Notwithstanding hundreds of complaints and protest against the Corporation, its corrupt officials has not taken any positive steps to improve its working, what to speak of general public who have to bear and suffer and living under constant threat on account of poor management by JMC in keeping the city clean and green. On papers JMC maintains that its maintaining, cleaning and desilting, 171 city nallahas and 103 deep drains falling under areas in 71 Wards of JMC. For said work a tender was floated vide No. e-NIT.No.07b-CTO of 2017 (Fresh) , the term of said tender says that contractor should on daily basis provide minimum 165 labourers and 235 maximum and the labour should work for eight hours daily. The record of JMC in this regard states hired contractor should ensure the labour engaged for desilting/clearance of city nallahas/deep drains should bear uniform for the convenience of general public that labourer belong to cleanliness of Nallahas purpose and the contractor is duty bound to provide two different sets of uniforms one for winter and another for summer. Sadly neither the JMC officials have time nor intention to check why the said labours are deprived of two sets of uniforms hired by JMC contractor. Moreover contractor is supposed to ensure that said labourer as the same is exposed to hazardous work is maindatory ensured as per signed contract but on the the issue when it was enquired from the engaged labours with all innocence they replied they are not provided with any insurance cover and as they were found wearing casual dress in this regard they confirmed no winter and summer dresses provided to them. Officials of JMC as usual and sadly during tenure of BJP Minister heading JMC are indulging in corrupt practices which is exposing BJP with every passing day. As per reliable sources in the name of cleaning and desilting of city nallahas, JMC is spending almost five crores a year including cost of fuel consumed by over hundred vehicles of JMC owned which includes JCBs, Refuse compactor, Tipper and Autos, Septic tank, and during the current financial year contract for the said work was allotted to one Uttam Kumar Sharma vide order No.MJ/JC/W/Alt/560-65 dated 22-4-2017. It’s clearly mentioned in the allotment of said work that the said contractor will provide labour at the rate of Rs 351 per person inclusive of all taxes, fees, shifting charges. Moreover service tax , income tax have to be deducted from monthly bills to be submitted by JMC engaged contractor. Incompetency of JMC officials is evident from the fact that eight out of ten nallahas under JMC jurisdiction are full of garbage and sinking making life miserable of all those residing adjacent to these nallahas, which were infect earlier storm water drains unfortunately due to poor vision of JMC officials were converted into drains and also of those using streets and roads where these nallahas are located. But surprisingly JMC record maintained for the months of 23-4-2017 to Nov 2017 almost of six months reveals an amount of Rs 1,52,96,882 was released in favour of said contractor. Amazingly as reported amount was to be released per person at the rate of Rs 351 but reasons best known to JMC officials and law makers of time said contractor was paid 9% CSGT and 9% SGST over and above of the contract rate Rs 351 per person which means that 18% increased (351+63.18= Rs 414 per person) whereas the contractor should have paid the tax from the amount he was to get as per contract money. Reliable sources revealed during October 2017, the said contractor submitted a bill claiming to have supplied 4898 labourers to JMC and at the rate of Rs 351 per person was entitled for payment of Rs 17,19,198 but surprisingly bill in question was passed for payment of Rs 20,28,654 vide cheque No. 3765 dated Nov 20th 2017. By adopting this modus operandi with connivance of JMC officials, the said contractor got released nearly twenty lacs so far besides submitting inflated bill related to actual number of labourers provided and is still continuing as there is none to check it and accept responsibility. Pertinent to mention here for the said work JMC in 2016-17 cleared bills amounting to Rs 219.69 lacs. JMC communication bearing No. MJ/Account/2909-10 dated 15-1-2018 further states for hiring of vehicles for said work an amount of 97.76 was paid in the year 2016-17 and during current financial year upto December 2017 already 92.96 lacs stands dispersed. How long Jammuites have to pay through taxes for sins of JMC and Minister heading it . Residents on the issue became numb to learn that on their nallah cleaning and desilting JMC is claiming lacs of rupees spent during the current financial year but they challenged and invited key officials of JMC to visit and see condition of nallahas passing through Shakti Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Jewel Chowk, BC Road beside others and justify their wrong doings that why for personal gains tax payers money is being misused by few officials of city civic body. Residents of Jammu questioned Commissioner JMC and concerned Ministers if they are honest what reservations they have not to implement biometric attendance of disputed labourers supplied by a contractor who is violating norms of the signed contract with JMC.