Nirmal Singh disowns PM advocated LED bulbs project

Golden yug
[ March 27, 2018 ] JMC stealing PDD power LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and contain no toxic materials and as such are hundred percent recyclable. LED are extremely durable and their long operation life time acts as a multiplication and helps in achieving more energy efficiency especially in talking of urban infrastructure projects such as cities and airports. LED lights brighten up immediately and when powered on, which has great advantages for infrastructure projects like traffic and signal light. Moreover a low voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination. Prime Minister Narendra Modi years back after getting acquainted with benefits of LED bulbs advocated installation of same and number of govt offices and civic bodies across country opted for the same. Unfortunately coalition Govt of BJP-PDP deliberately sabotaged implementation of LED bulbs in state. Sadly civic bodies of state SMC and JMC are headed by Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh of BJP. As on date civic bodies of state have not opted for LED bulbs which reflect their archaic way of functioning besides no respect for Prime Minister advocated projects. Reply of RTI reveals wherein Executive Engineer Electric of JMC has stated during last three years 9652 CFL has been replaced and not a single LED bulb. Sometime back JMC too acknowledged that have not purchased any LED bulb so far thus question of installing the same to fulfill dream of Prime Minister is a distant dream. Pertinent to mention here like other wings of JMC its electric wing is also behaving most disgraceful way. As per information, available through reliable sources said Wing of JMC is working without following any rule, guidelines and its officials are only interested in minting money in the name of purchases made on papers. Shamelessly JMC claims it has installed street lights in the areas falling under its jurisdiction, but on ground there is hardly any street and corner where any street light is installed and if any installed that is non-functional since years. But at the same time on the basis of frivolous documents its maintaining in 2015-16 and 2016-17 ,2475 and 4181 street lights were installed. Interestingly lies of JMC can be judged from the fact that it is having no lay out plan of the wards where its claiming thousands of street lights got installed. Claims and rhetoric’s of JMC are like a building existing having no foundation which prima facie proves all is not well in JMC which is causing irrevocable loss to reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as JMC known for jungle rule is presently headed by Dr Nirmal Singh of BJP. Worth mentioning here that civic body, of city of temples neither has garbage neither management policy, nor it has a lay out plans of areas where it has installed its street lights. Amazingly it got itself exposed as its record reveals is not paying power dues due on account of its street lights. In reply to an RTI query, Executive Engineer Electric, JMC has forwarded the query to CE, M&RE Wing Jammu. Executive Engineer Electric M&RE Division-III, Sanjay Sharma in reference to CEJ/RTI/646/2673-2676 Dated 3-3-2018 with regard to query monthly electricity consumption and amount charged on account of street lights has stated that the information does not pertain to this office. Details thereof can be had from Jammu Municipal Corporation which leaves no space for JMC to breathe to say that they are not stealing PDD power. In the given circumstances Minister for Power and Housing and Urban who is also heading JMC morally owes an explanation why tax payer’s money is being misused by JMC officials and for wrongdoings of it who be held responsible.