BJP left voters & supporters in lurch

Golden yug
[ March 27, 2018 ] From last over a month people of Nowshera irrespective of caste and creed have joined their hands to convince the ruler of state that they deserve that Nowshera be given district status. Nowshera assembly constituency is presently represented by none other than BJP fire brand leader Ravinder Raina who is seen gathering public and media attention with his favourite slogan Bharat Mata Ki Jai but since the Nowshera agitation has started all of sudden his voice and nationalism has disappeared. It’s unfortunate that coalition govt of PDP-BJP headed by Mehbooba Mufti has taken the issue very lightly and none of its Ministers including Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh of BJP has thought it appropriate to support the issue which is sending wrong signal among the masses especially among those fighting for district status for their area. With every passi9ng day, BJP is getting weakened in Jammu province neither the party supporting the genuine issues raised by people nor so far it has kept its promise that BJP will promote tourism in the region and will ensure just and honourable settlement of Kasdhmiri Pandits. BJP despite in power so far has not learnt how to run a govt and how to work for all round development of those who supported it throughout their life. BJP Ministers seems still behaving like beggars as they are still unable to voice concern of Jammuites in the house and on occasions are constantly snubbed by CM, making situation more uglier for Jammuites but at the same time they are asking how and for what our BJP leaders have become lambs. It is disgusting to note that despite being in power party MPs and party press notes narrate different point of views what they are meant from BJP’s point of view and another ensuring that PDP doesn’t get hurt to stay in the power. Citizens have realized the day casted their votes for BJP victory and slowly and steadily have started making their minds how to teach them a lesson who deceived Jammuites.