Directorate of Archives, Archaeology and Museums under M.S Zahid made backdoor appointments unlawfully

Golden yug
[ March 31, 2018 ] In the last 23 days of retirement, Director made recruitments against law With the prime motive of backdoor appointments in the directorate of Archives, Archaeology and Museums whose camp office as per Govt order No. 1291 GAD of 2017 dated 10-10-2017 is winter capital and during Nov to April 2017 functions from old secretariat Mubarak Mandi Jammu. The said department is headed by M.S Zahid who is in the habit of floating procedures and guidelines with a sole aim to promote nepotism and to gain economically. The said director by showing thumb to existing norms got published employment advertisement notice No. DAMA-01 of 2018 dated 22-2-2018 having the subject advertisement for class IV post (Divisional cadre) six in numbers in the pay scale of 4440-7440+ grade pay 1300 under the direct quota. The last date of receipt of the application was on 8-3-2018. From reliable sources it was learnt director Zahid with premeditated mind by bypassing DIPR got advertised above mentioned advertisement on his own level to deprive genuine and meritorious candidates to apply for said post. Sources reveal that all was done to accommodate those from whom director Zahid has taken huge kickbacks in lacs. The sick mind of director can be viewed from the advertisement in question wherein said notice reads the director of Archives, Archaeology and Museums, Srinagar. The whole manipulation was planned and conducted in Jammu on what ground add in question was not routed through DIPR Jammu. Interestingly other notices published by said director were through DIPR. The six posts advertised were also against spirit of provision as envisaged in SRO 294 dated 21-10-2005. The details with regard to reservation of posts was also not compiled out of six posts not a single candidate belonging to SC/ST and physically challenged category were given a chance to compete for the said posts. The candidates who were deprived of their rights to apply for said posts said the matter be thoroughly probed in which paper this advertisement in question appeared and added why same was not available on the website of the department. Worth mentioning here courts of the land have said official retiring should not appoint any person in the month retiring. In the present case Director Zahid completed the whole process in less than a month and the month happens to be is retiring from the service. The date of his retirement is 31-3-2018. Disputed advertisement of class iv posts having the subject procedure for selection clause C reads call letter shall not be issued individually, however department shall give wide publicity through print and electronic media and official website of department ( but on search nothing was found related to above mentioned six posts . Amazingly the said site of department contains a notification issued in the month of October 2017 related to open national e-tender notice. True have details of class IV posts but are of Division Jammu posted way back in March 2016. Available information points out a conspiracy was hatched by Director Zahid before relinquishing office of directorate of Archives, Archaeology and Museums to adjust his near and dear ones. In addition to this nepotism is at its peak in the department as present Section Officer in the Directorate has managed appointment of his son in the directorate. Also driver of Directorate has also managed a job for his son during the tenure of Director Zahid. In the light of above facts, investigative agencies are duty bound to take care of mess by Director Zahid as in no case educated and meritorious students should be ignored and unskilled and disqualified should not be given edge over qualified and meritorious candidates. If it goes unnoticed, it will be betrayal and gross injustice with all those who give their hundred percent for govt jobs but get rejected just because they can/t bribe them or they don’t have any political and Govt approach.