Minister Bali Bhagat negligence responsible for poor Health & Medical services infrastructure

Golden yug
[ April 06, 2018 ] No visible improvement with regard to facilities to patients National Health Mission (NHM) now subsumes NHM (National Rural Health Mission) & NUHM (National Urban Health Mission) which have been designated as sub-missions (of NHM). National Rural Health Mission (NHM) is aimed at bringing about dramatic improvement in the health system and the health status of the people especially those living in rural areas of the country. It seeks to provide access to equitable, affordable and quality health care, reduction of IMR & MMR, population stabilization and gender & demographic balance which in turn would help in achieving goals set under the National Health Policy and the Millennium Development Goals. J&K under this Mission is focusing on empowerment of people through effective mechanism of Rogi Kalyan Samities, Decentralized planning and implementation, strengthening of physical infrastructure and ensuring fully functional facilities at the doorstep of the people not withstanding odds of topography & situational constraints. NHM is the single largest scheme run by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Govt of India allocation for MOHFW increased 23% from 39,688 crores to 48,853 crores during year 2017-18 . In the last financial year, Govt of India allocated 26,691 crores to NHM, an increase of 20% from the previous year. The increase was based on primarily for an exponential 168% increase in human resources for health and medical education, including up gradation and strengthening of hospitals and Medical Colleges in the state. NUHM budget also jumped a 31% during the ibid stated period. In contrast allocation for NRHM increased only by 9%. Total approvals under NHM are based on project implementation plans (PIP’s) submitted by state Govt, and on the basis of PIP submitted by J&K Govt, Govt of India disbursed funds to state Govt and as per demand of various hospitals at District and Block level funds are transferred. The poor working of Health and Family Welfare department headed by Minister Bali Bhagat is no more a secret. During the tenure of said Minister health services have gone from bad to worse, hospitals are full of patients but so far Minister and hospital administration have taken no initiative to solve problems faced by inpatients and their attendants. Patients are usually found complaining have to share bed because as per requirements hospitals are not in a position to provide requisite beds to inpatients. No doubt in crores funds are disbursed and maticously shown used in the name of diet provided to patients. But on the ground despite spending crores on diet as on papers nothing of the sort is provided to patients due to nexus between hospitals administration and contractors. Moreover in OPD patients have to wait for three to four hours for their turn and on their turn after checkups medicines prescribed by doctors are not found in hospital stores and when patients on occasion confronted with doctors their reply was have prescribed best medicines as same are not available in hospitals stock. Question arises hospitals administration and purchase committees with either less wisdom or wilfully purchasing medicines of lesser known companies. In OPD the patients have a genuine grudge that for few tests waiting was for over two months that makes mockery of claims of health department. Attendants of patients said toilets of hospitals are not cleaned making next to impossible to use them and also said on papers there may be hundreds of employees engaged through a contractor to maintain neat and clean toilets, corridors and wards but rarely same is done as laid down on papers, but hospital administration every year is spending lacs of rupees for the purpose on the ground never properly done. On papers administration of Govt Medical College Jammu is availing services of sixty safaikaramcharis engaged through a private contractor having no past experience of the services provided to said hospital. Knowing and realising all is not well in Govt hospitals Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during last quarter of last year herself took a initiative to visit Govt hospitals and was shocked to see poor hygienically condition beside other complaints of patients and their attendants, which prompted her to attach then Medical Superintendent , due to his failure to act as expected from him. The act of CM itself proves Minister Health wilful negligence and inefficiency is the only reason behind the mess created in Govt hospitals. Reliable sources informed that under various central sponsored schemes Medical Superintendent Govt Hospital Kathua in the year 2015-16 sum of rupees 27657852 crores were given but due to poor administration and monitoring of Health Minister Bali Bhagat , sum of rupees 24797361 crores strangely remained unspent showing mirror to tall claims of good governance as well as Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Poor performance of Minister Health continued and is visible from the figures that under NHM the said hospital was granted on demand 16267280 crores and sadly till recent past an amount of Rs 13581317 was found unutilized. However worth mentioning here Govt Medical College Jammu in the year 2016-17 has claimed spent Rs 186.s3 lacs on maintenance and repairing of Govt Medical College and in the year and in the year 2017-18 Rs 147.13 spent on maintenance of Medical College Jammu without following any codal formalities. Similarly at SMGS Hospital Rs 45 lacs spent on maintenance of hospital during 2017-18. It is disappointing to note that despite huge funds spent , the improvement in Govt hospitals has not much changed over the years but question remains when there is no improvement, where then the funds went must be thoroughly investigated and probed in the larger interests of public whose first priority remains Govt hospital owing to restrains of funds and their poor economical condition.