Don’t allow JK Bank to become monopoly of a particular region, class only

Goldenyug jammu 26
[ April 25, 2017 ] JK Bank is following the footsteps of other Govt departments where adjusting and accommodating candidates in relations has always been given priority in employment and to ensure their hassle free and full proof entry, selection criteria is designed in such a way to suit their candidates. Unemployment being the major concern of every stakeholder in the State, nobody can be allowed to play with the future of educated unemployed youth by resorting to nepotism in recruitments. “By resorting to alleged backdoor appointments in J&K Bank, is not only promoting mediocrity in the Bank, but is striking at the very foundation of this premiere financial institution which is already under cloud because of the surfacing of various shady dealings. Favoritism and nepotism in selection of Relationship Executives (RE) in the Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited has been reported and demanded a high-level inquiry into the whole affair and subsequent cancellation of the selection list. The clandestine manner in which the bank conducted the recruitment process to recruit political bigwigs sponsored candidate’s needs to be investigated. The Bank authorities are keeping the whole process of selection a top secret without proper mention of criteria and procedure and the same should be uploaded on the official website of the bank. It has been alleged that majority of the selected REs were appointed on the recommendations of the influential Ministers who even have not qualified the written test. The Bank officials appeasing Ministers and senior political leaders. The Chairman has undermined the authority of the institution and ensured that nepotism and favoritism flourish under his leadership in the bank. There should be an impartial probe into the whole matter and action taken against the corrupt Bank officials for playing with the future of the meritorious students. Allegations galore against the government sponsoring agencies that the beneficiaries are forced to pay for getting sponsored under any of the self employment schemes. Here the element of subsidy in such schemes is used as a tool by the agencies to motivate and extract money from the beneficiary. This is evident from the fact that the cases referred are most of the time full of flaws. One of the most serious problems is the faulty identification of the beneficiaries. It is done in a casual manner where most of the time viability of activity becomes casualty. This kind of situation has resulted in saturation of the line of activity. One should not get surprised to learn that a huge percentage of beneficiaries are not unemployed, but even include government servants working in various government and semi government departments. Even the term ‘beneficiary’ used for the borrower too is responsible for poor recovery of loans under these schemes. “As the charges of favoritism in appointments in JK Bank have been leveled, these need to be probed thoroughly as the people have every right to know the truth. There should be white paper on the functioning of J&K Bank in wake of the disturbing reports appearing in a section of the press over the past few days regarding the messy state of affairs in the Bank have set the alarm bells ringing and people must know what is going on inside the Bank.J&K Bank touches everybody’s skin in the State, the Government and the Bank authorities must come clean on the alarming reports of backdoor appointments, manipulating profits, massive discrimination in deposits and advances within and outside the State and deteriorating fiscal health of the Bank.“It is the responsibility of the Government and the Bank authorities to come clean with a ‘white paper’ on the issue. A cursory glance at the list of business and agriculture loans offered by the bank brings to fore the skewed outlook of the Bank as most of them can be availed by Valley based clients only. While there are plenty of loan schemes specifically for Valley based artisans, fruit growers and tourism, there are none specifically for the residents of Jammu and Ladakh regions or for promotion of tourism in these regions. Even the composition of approximately 1000 strong work force of the Bank smacks of favoritism. There is no doubt that those near and dear ones who could not make it to selection list were given another opportunity as Banking Associate as relationship executive as contractual basis. The Bank recently appointed two directors to its board and the both belonged to the Valley. This year’s Diary prepared by the Bank blatantly ignores the Jammu region by excluding the children from Jammu from its cover page. It probably has been done due to the fear of the separatists who earlier in the year had expressed open anger over inclusion of sportsmen from Jammu and Ladakh on the pages of the calendar issued by the Bank. All this is happening despite the fact that maximum business to the Bank is provided by the industrialists and business community of Jammu. J&K Bank is a semi-state owned Bank and hence it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the Bank does not become the monopoly of a particular region only. Such a tendency is harmful for the holistic and harmonious development of all the three regions as envisaged in the Agenda of Alliance. It is no doubt that the present government has inherited this legacy from the previous governments that promoted regional discrimination but the government now needs to urgently step in to curb this tendency. It has also been widly reported that there is no roadmap in appointment of all the posts in the bank as the priority is being given to blue eyed persons at the behest of political masters who are influential and have full patronage of Ministers and higher ups in the Govt. Particularly no established procedure is followed in recruitment of class IV posts and most of the appointments are done as per the demand of near and dear ones which has badly shattered the faith of common man who finds no place of his/her capability in functioning of bank. There is also no educational criteria and if the candidate in relation or from recommendation of political masters Bank doesn’t hasitate to offer jobs to even middle pass such is the credibility of Bank with regard to providing employment without accountability and transparency. Moreover JK Bank lacks proper transfer policy and there are hundreds of examples of bank officials who stayed at particular place for years together which provided them ample opportunity to develop relations with vested interests to seek personal benefits by disclosing the loop holes in the system to outsiders by helping them even out of way also. If at all transfers are done they seems eyewash as the transfer is done nearby locality where the influence of the transferred employee can’t be ruled out in negative sense.