Grand success of Jammu Bandh eye-opener for PDP-BJP Agenda of Alliance

Golden yug
[ April 12, 2018 ] Difficult for BJP to regain lost glory & voters trust Jammu: Jammu Bandh call given by J&K High Court Bar Association (JKHCBA) on Wednesday remained by all measures was a grand success. The call was given over demand of deportation of Rohingyas from Jammu and handing over of the Kathua rape-and-murder case to the CBI besides for urging the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for taking back her order on tribal issue. Except few private vehicles, public transport remained off road however general public preferred to walk but supported the call for the genuine cause .Tourists visiting Jammu on the issue stand by Jammuites. Majority of of the shops and business establishments in the city voluntarily remained closed in support of the bandh call. Several organizations namely Shri Ram Sena, Dogra Front & Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena, ABVP, Congress, NCP,JPPF an umbrella organization of more than seventy organizations of Jammu Province representing people belonging to different walks of life supported and joined peaceful protest aginst J&K Govt. Similarly Ware House a business hub also remained closed, Jewel Chowk Bazzar, Fruit Mandies and several other business establishments which in the past remained open on bandh calls today remained closed this time. There was an apprehension that after Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) ignoring Jammuites interests opposed bandh call given by one and all having love for motherland. To safeguard personal interests, President JCCI call to oppose the Jammu bandh was based on the misconceived enthusiasm with the wrong notion that business community will follow his unjust dictum and call will bear no fruits but shopkeepers and businessmen of city opted to go by voice of their heart, which in turn turned into monumental bandh. However from the success of Jammu bandh it seems that JCCI has only exposed it as despite its opposition, business establishments under its control remained closed thus facing public flake for not supporting Jammu bandh for vested interests. During several protests on the call of Jammu bandh several organizations joining and supporting Jammu bandh thoroughly criticized the Chamber House for not supporting Jammu cause. Samba Bar Association also held a strong peaceful protest against the double standard of state Govt and supported the bandh call by Bar Association Jammu. Sampuran Singh Manhas President Bar Association Bishnah supported today bandh call and assured one and all on the issues the call was given today their association and people of Bishnah are with Jammuites. Shiv Sena and Dogra Front State President, Ashok Gupta said no one can crush this movement and said that President Chamber sold his soul. In Udhampur bandh was supported and protest against Govt was led by Balwant Singh Mankotia of NPP, hundreds of people joined protest procession and raised slogans against Mehbooba led govt. Interestingly Minister PHE to sabotage the call opted for public hearing where he engaged with his party workers sending a wrong signal among people of Jammu Province neither he nor his party workers are supporting the cause which eroded the faith of Jammuites. Support to Jammu bandh has once again brought into light the significance of issues on which Bar had given Jammu Bandh call. For example the settlement of Rohangiyas in Jammu has raised ringing bells after the names of some Rohangiyas surfaced in attacks on army personals and on Army Camp in Sunjwan besides their involvement in other antinational activities. Their presence in the outskirts of Jammu city is highly risky as they may act against national interests by joining hands with the enemies of country after they have managed to have ration cards Aadhar cards besides other important documents. On the other hand State Govt which was formed after sacrificing two different ideologies has failed to address this grave issue. BJP on papers wants deportation of Rohangiyas but PDP is playing sympathetic card and wants the settlement of issue on humanitarian ground. Surprisingly the same PDP has no sympathy for POK Refugees who have been fighting and protesting for their identity for the last seventy years and by the way they are the loyal of nation and highly patriotic whereas the Rohangiyas can’t be trusted in our country when they were rooted out from their country for their antinational activities. BJP during the time of its opposition used to raise hue and cry on the Jammu related issues but as soon as assuming power they have forgotten all their Jammu related issues and with their consistent surrender before PDP on all other important issues has proved beyond any doubt that for the time being and after tasting power for the first time in state has only given priority to Chair at the cost of sacrificing Jammu interests and pride. Similarly on the issues of handing over of the Kathua rape-and-murder case to the CBI and urging the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for taking back her order on tribal issue yet again raises question mark on the credibility of BJP in Govt which so far has only proved a mere puppet and it is unfortunate to note that all this happening when BJP a self styles messiah of Jammu cause is a part of J&K Govt. Jammu Bandh affect was seen on national highway NH Jammu-Pathankote and on the same route, railway network also got crippled. From success of today Jammu bandh the picture is clear Jammuites are no more interested in buying lies of BJP and at the same time have brought state administration on its Knees, without opting stone pelting and taking law into their own hands said Activist Rajeshwar Singh.