golden yug
[ September 05, 2018 ] With a aim to boost transparency and accountability in developmental works , J&K Govt had started e-tendering and also to ensure that contractor dare not misuse funds and work be completed in stipulated time period and also so that quality of work is not compromised. However the e-tendering fails to bring transparency as the codal formalities before inviting a tender are being over sighted as it has come to fore that the work allotted to contractor being undertaken by UEED did not fulfil the requisite formalities. The life example of this is that UEED Executive Engineer Sewerage and Drainage Division, Jammu West invited a e-tender vide e-NIT No.SDJ/W/14 of 2018-19 dated 30-7-2018 for improvement/ upgradation of drain on both sides of Road from Sarwal Chowk to New Plot near H/0 Rajnish Gupta and others worth Rs 450300 to be completed within stipulated time period of 45 days. Accordingly nine bids received for the above mentioned work and the bidders were Amrish Sharma,Ashok Bakshi, Chaman Lal ,Mohinder Sharma, Dev Raj, Raghubansh Singh Jasrotia, Rahul Kesar Ravinder Singh, Varun Gupta. However to the surprise of many contractors the Amrish Sharma bid was accepted who was not capable and eligible to get that contract as sources claimed that important codal formality namely Submission tender for work was not submitted by contractor Amrish Sharma. One of the contractors who had made bid for the contractor on the condition of anonymity disclosed that the important formality mentioned above was not downloaded by Amrish Sharma as was visited by the said contractor after going online. As per the rule book the first step after e-tendering is technical evolution followed by financial bid but in the present case the financial bid was getting downloaded and then how come the contract was sanctioned in favour of Amrish Sharma. This clearly shows that e-tendering for the work in question was mere formality and infects the successful bidder was already in the mind and heart of UEED and perhaps this was the reason why Amrish Sharma was out of way allotted the contract ignoring and rejecting other competent contractors. One of the contractors to express resentment over out of way sanctioning of work to Amrish Sharma by Executive Engineer UEED Jammu West Taj Choudhary registered complaint with the Commissioner UEED, Jammu levelling serious allegations against Taj Choudhary for allotting work to Amrish Sharma who was not capable and competent and also when the said contractor approached Choudhary who turned blind ear to the complaint and asked the contractor to do what he could and in away his behaviour was dictator. It deserves mentioning here that Taj Choudhary is famous for undertaking departmental work without following codal formalities and also to quote few examples the ongoing work in Excelsior lane and Patta Bohri besides several works were extende4d by Taj Choudhary to accommodate blue eyed persons. Serious lapses on part of Executive Engineer UEED to allot work out of way must be taken as grave issue by Governor Administration and if he is found guilty of doing so must be punished with immediate effect to serve as deterrent for others in other departments.