Centralized control room for intelligent traffic signal system still a distant reality

golden yug
[ September 06, 2018 ] Installation of intelligent traffic signal lights done haphazardly The track record of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in undertaking and assigning developmental works has been quite dismal. As a result of which JMC, swiftly losing credibility resulting in immense suffering to general public whose hard earned money paid in the form of taxes consistently is being misused every now and then. It is now an established fact that due to deliberate long rope to wrongdoers with ulterior motives , JMC has patronized them on the thery of mutual benefits without least caring about timely completion of projects in hand and also has nothing to with quality of work. To put the things straight, Commissioner JMC allotted valuing Rs 14,24,87,955 work to M/s DIMTS Ltd (ITS) 1ST Floor, Maharana Partap ISBT Building ,Kashmere Gate, Delhi vide No. MJ/PS/Com/114 dated 31-1-2017 for survey design supply installation, Commissioning and maintenance of Intelligent traffic signal including pedestrian signal lights with operation and monitoring of the traffic lights from a centralized control room remotely at 34 locations of Jammu city to intelligent traffic signal system with operation Upgradation of all existing 30 fixed time standalone traffic signal system to intelligent traffic signal system with operation and monitoring of the traffic lights from a centralized control room at IGP Office CPO Chowk , Panjtirthi Jammu remotely, Survey, design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of pedestrian signal lights at existing 30 locations of Jammu city with a aim of smooth regulation of traffic on city busy roads. In this regard an agreement was signed between M/s DIMTS, Delhi and JMC on 21.02.2017. As per the agreement M/s DIMTS, Delhi will be responsible for successful completion, installation of work awarded within a period of 6 months and operation of the system for a period of 2 years from the date of successful completion, installation and functioning of the allotted work and any defect/replacement of the equipment will borne by M/s DIMTS, Delhi. With regard to guarantee and warranty it will cover entire equipment with all its accessories UPS and all consumables. In case any defect arises in functioning of traffic signal lights same will be repaid by the M/s DIMTS, Delhi within a day and in case it if fails to do so Rs. 2000/- penalty per day will be imposed on the firm. The M/s DIMTS, Delhi was duty bound to deliver all the deliverables according to time line’ Failure to do so will attract a penalty of 1% per week of the cost given. If the delay is more than 2 months then JMC will be at liberty to terminate the contract by giving written notice to the Firm, besides seizure of CDR and Bank Guarantee over coercive measure (at sole discretion of JMC) shall follow. It is strange to note that the above mentioned project was to be completed within six months i.e from 21 Feb 2017 to Aug 2017 but more than one year has passed by and yet the project is incomplete. Surprisingly no action was taken against the company for its failure to complete its work within stipulated time period of six months from the date of allotting project to contractor where as there was clause in agreement that the contract may suspended if the completion work gets delayed for two months. But unfortunately one year delay has already occurred in the completion of project and still the project is incomplete till today by serious margin as so far only poles have been erected as without establishing control room intelligent traffic light system can’t operate but the JMC authority without imposing penalty has given the firm unnecessary extensions thereby compromising the quality of work and expenses at the cost of tax payer money for the fulfilment of the vested interest. JMC has already release payment of Rs. 7.31 crores in the month of Jan/Feb 2018. In addition to this the firm was paid advance also but even then Firm could not complete work in time and getting extension for completion again and again from JMC. JMC owes an explanation why the contract with firm was not terminated when even after giving considerable time and 10% amount in advance could not complete work in time due to full support to erring contractor. Notwithstanding the failure to properly maintain and run traffic signal lights at existing locations, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) out of excitement under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) costing to Rs 21.95 crore decided to install intelligent traffic light signal at 34 new locations for smooth management of traffic and whose installation is still in progress event after the lapse of more than one and a half year whereas the same work as per the agreement of the contract was supposed to be completed within six months. Moreover bank guarantee deposited by contractor with JMC in the shape of CDR/EMD Rs 42.82 lacs dated 6-7-2016 which was valid upto 31-5-2017 has not been renewed and also not extended which shows serious lapses in monitoring the project in question.JMC did not use common sense while selecting new 34 locations as most of the traffic lights installed at new locations actually did not function for even a single day. Among such locations, the traffic lights installed in front of Jammu Radio Station gate ,Sidhra Bus stand in the downward of Radio station, DC office in front of Mosque at Bazarat Road, BC Road adjoining with Shakuntala theatre, Panama Chowk, Zorabar Singh Chowk ,Rail Head, Gujjar Nagar Chowk near fourth bridge on River Tawi, Near Gandhi Nagar Govt Hospital, traffic lights near Airport road remains defunct most of the times besides there was no need to install traffic lights here and where there was need to install traffic lights namely near CPO office, Nanak Nagar Chowk near main Gurudwara. The poor working on the part of firm unnecessary support of JMC has delayed the project and also the contents in the contract were over-sighted and ignored. Now the million dollar question arises here is as the project is already delay and the clauses agreed in the contract have also been violated now if it has already taken one year and still the project is incomplete what will happen to the time period of replacement and maintenance guarantee of machinery and equipments will start from where as still there are no sign in the site that this project will be completed in nearby future. Governor administration must take serious cognizance of this delay and accordingly needful must be done to ensure the completion of work at the earliest.